How to PHP Security

How to protect your PHP source code with encryption?

Worried about giving away your PHP source code?

Want to protect your code when delivering it to a clients hosting when it’s not paid for yet?

I know as this has happened to me. I found a delivery of PHP code for sign off encrypted, I hadn’t seen that before. When we asked the company they said they would remove the encryption upon final payment.

Encryption is definitely a useful tool for PHP developers. Make it a deliverable of your contract that the source code will be decrypted when paid for.

We also had another client who wanted to distribute PHP code on USB thumb sticks.  Not recommended, but it is possible to run it like that, using a SQLite database.  Given the accessibility of a USB thumb stick rather than a Linux server, we encrypted the PHP code.

Here’s a couple of PHP encoders that we’ve used:

So encode, obfuscate and protect your code, if you feel the need to!

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