List of free pomodoro apps to improve your productivity as a web developer

Looking for a pomodoro app, to help keep you on task and productive? Below is a list of different options for different OS’s Windows Tomighty is free and open source. Mac is free and open source. Android Pomodroido is a simple Android app to help you concentrate and be productive. Clockwork Tomato has a […]

What alternatives database engines are there to MySQL?

Unsure what alternatives there are to MySQL? Looking for increases in MySQL performance? You might not realize that there are some compatible relational database engines. That you can drop in to replace MySQL. You can even run SQLite without needing a server stack. SQLite is the most widely deployed database engine in the world Each […]

How to hire a developer when you don’t know code at all

Need a developer for your startup and don’t know where to start? Hiring a developer can be daunting without technical knowledge. I don’t know code at all. Even with technical knowledge, are you aware of all the latest trends and platforms? What kind of developer should I be hiring? Wondering what the difference is between […]

How to join a table many times in a single SQL query statement?

Having more than one join to the same table within a query can be confusing. More than one join can create a messy SQL statement. If you don’t use aliases they can be difficult to read. If your database tables need to have many columns with the same relationship to another table. You can join […]

How much can you save by hiring a Freelancer vs an employee?

How much can you save by hiring a Freelancer vs an employee? Finding good employees is difficult in general. There are lots of overheads for full-time employees. If you are a small agency and not confident of continuous work. Adding full-time employees can increase your risks. Could you be saving money by hiring a freelancer?” […]

Do you really need a custom e-commerce website developed for your small business?

The perfect custom e-commerce website for your business may be best left as a dream for now. Most small businesses don’t need a custom e-commerce website. When an off the shelf product will work. If your small business is tight on funds as most small businesses are. You don’t want to tie up your cash […]

Do you have enough time for a custom e-commerce website to be developed?

Time, money and patience is required for custom software development. Custom software development can really hurt, so do your research before committing to it. Developing a customer e-commerce website can be very time consuming. Do you really need to try and “re-invent the wheel”? The development process can also be annoying and irritating. More so […]

Reasons to switch from MySQL to MariaDB

Thinking of moving from regular MySQL to MariaDB? MariaDB has a considerable performance gain over MySQL 5.6 Need any more reasons than performance to switch? Switching from MySQL to MariaDB is easy, it’s still considered a drop in replacement. MariaDB definitely has more of an open source attitude. Galera implementation is better. Maria comes by […]