How to remove “Powered by Shopify” from the footer of your website.

So you’ve launched your new site, everything looks good, but there in the footer is a little piece of text that makes is clear to your customers that you use Shopify. Powered by Shopify Not that it isn’t something to be proud of, Shopify is an awesome platform! However to complete the customisation of your […]

How to get your new website showing in Google search results

You’ve bought your domain name You’ve worked hard developing up your website. You’ve launched it, tested it out in your browser. Sent a link to friends, shared it on social media. Then you went to Google… … to search your new domain name and … it didn’t show up?!?! You are thinking how’s that possible? […]

Essential tech and tools for a new eCommerce site

Assuming you’ve already chosen your eCommerce platform. Below is a list of essentials that you should consider for your new e-commerce store. If you haven’t chosen a platform already. Some of the main contenders are Shopify, WooCommerce with WordPress, Magento. If you are selling digital products you could use Gumroad or GoSpaces. If you are […]