How to hire a developer when you don’t know code at all

Need a developer for your startup and don’t know where to start? Hiring a developer can be daunting without technical knowledge. I don’t know code at all. Even with technical knowledge, are you aware of all the latest trends and platforms? What kind of developer should I be hiring? Wondering what the difference is between […]

How much can you save by hiring a Freelancer vs an employee?

How much can you save by hiring a Freelancer vs an employee? Finding good employees is difficult in general. There are lots of overheads for full-time employees. If you are a small agency and not confident of continuous work. Adding full-time employees can increase your risks. Could you be saving money by hiring a freelancer?” […]

How to stay productive when traveling and working as a Web Developer

Working remotely and traveling is a balancing act of maintaining your productivity whilst keeping up to date on your work.  Keeping your clients / customers / boss happy and continuing to earn money at the same time as enjoying your travels to new cities, countries and continents. Traveling and unexpected delays in traveling along with […]

How to protect your PHP source code as a freelancing web developer

How to protect your PHP source code?  You might be worried about giving away your secret sauce  or having it reverse engineered. Another good reason for wanting to protect your code is delivering the code to a clients server / hosting before final payment has been made for the development of the code. I have […]

Why you should keep a routine when working remotely as a freelancer

Transitioning to freelancing and working at home or at a remote location from your client can run riot over your life… I find myself working late, and then when I get in bed my brain is still active and I cannot sleep, so I end up going to bed at 1 or 2 in the […]

How to get paid, when you work remotely from your client as a Freelance Web Developer?

If you are working remotely from your client there is a good chance you are in a different country.  Payment providers charge fees and use favorable  (for them) exchange rates and banks love to charge fees whenever they can. There are a lot of options out there, a favorite for many is PayPal, but… “It […]

What is the minimum amount of time I should charge as a Freelance Web Developer?

Your clients are calling you, emailing you, sending in small requests… Can you change this? Can you change that? Sometimes the changes are so small, barely 5 minutes that you feel guilty for charging your “valuable” clients. Well you shouldn’t feel guilty! You are in business and you are selling your time and your clients are […]

How much should I charge hourly as a PHP Freelance Web Developer?

How much should I charge hourly as a PHP Freelance Web Developer? Working your own hours as a freelancer can be great with regular work coming in. But you need to make sure you are making ends meet and covering your costs. You might be considering switching from full-time paid employment to freelance or some […]