7 Advantages to using a standing up desk when working as a developer

Are you spending all your work day sitting writing code? Is your back feeling stiff or causing you some pain? Maybe it’s time to consider getting one of those new hip standing desks? Here’s 7 reasons that might help convince you a standing desk is worth it. You can always try one out with just […]

How do you sit and code for so damn long all day, every day?

How do you sit and code for so damn long? I feel like my wrists are going to snap off and my back/neck is deforming. Your day goes something like this, as it does for a lot of people… Wake up… SIT in your car and drive to work Or SIT maybe stand on public […]

List of free pomodoro apps to improve your productivity as a web developer

Looking for a pomodoro app, to help keep you on task and productive? Below is a list of different options for different OS’s Windows Tomighty is free and open source. Mac http://www.tomighty.org/ is free and open source. Android Pomodroido is a simple Android app to help you concentrate and be productive. Clockwork Tomato has a […]

How to reduce physical stress when working as Web Developer?

If you are new to web development, sitting down all day might seem like a cushy easy job, and  it can be.  However as time and the years pass by, all that sitting will take it’s toll.  It’s easy to slouch, it’s easy to forget about your posture and easy to grab another sugary snack […]