Acronym cheatsheet for Digital Nomads

If you are thinking about being a DN. You might be wondering what SEA stands for.

For someone unfamiliar or just starting out as a Digital Nomad. There are many acronyms, I’ve put together a list of some you might run across below.

Acronyn Meaning
AMA Ask Me Anything
DN Digital Nomad
DM Digital Marketer
EU European Union
LLC Limited Liability Company
PM Product / Project Manager
NYC New York City
RV Recreational Vehicle, an option to live and travel around in.
SAAS Software As A Service, one way to earn location independent income
SEA South East Asia, also refereed to as SE Asia. A popular part of the world for Digital Nomads, due to low cost of living + good connectivity.
US / USA United States of America
Freelance How to Productivity Remote

How to stay productive when traveling and working as a Web Developer

Working remotely and traveling is a balancing act of maintaining your productivity whilst keeping up to date on your work.  Keeping your clients / customers / boss happy and continuing to earn money at the same time as enjoying your travels to new cities, countries and continents.

Traveling and unexpected delays in traveling along with possible slow or no internet connections can affect your work routine.

Although there can be distinct advantages to no internet connection for periods of time whilst actually traveling on a train or a plane.

I do some of my best writing and coding on trains.  Flights can also be nice in that, without WiFi, i’m not interrupted by client emails and calls.

If you know you won’t be connected for any reason, make sure you communicate that to any clients, so you can set their expectations that you won’t be available for a period of time.

Try to adapt as quickly as possible to any new time zone and maintain your routine, if you are a morning person, get up and get the work done first, so that you can take time off in the afternoon to explore your new surroundings.

Don’t plan to stay anywhere less than a week, you need time to sight-see, relax, do other tasks.

Here’s a useful list of other ways to stay productive whilst traveling:

  • White noise can help in a new or distracting environment.
  • Manage your time better with the Pomodoro technique to get the work done.
  • Always look for efficiencies in your doing your work, saving time will either earn you more money if you need it or earn you more free time to enjoy your surroundings.
  • Taking regular breaks and exercise reduces your stress levels and helps maintain your productivity.

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How to Remote

How can I forward calls and SMS messages from one country to another?

Working remotely in different countries and want to keep a phone number active in your home country?  Travelling and needing to re-direct your calls and forward SMS text messages?

There can be times when you might not want your clients to know you are on the road or abroad in a foreign country.  To be able to keep the same number and move around internationally.

These days technology easily allows you be free to travel, but stay connected to your numbers.  You can also have multiple numbers in different countries if needed.  Along with toll-free numbers you can also send and receive SMS and MMS messages whilst away without incurring international roaming charges on your cell / mobile phone.

I’d just like to be able to call and text like I’m still in the US (when I’m not)

For a few dollars, Twilio provides all the phone technology to make it easy to stay connected with voice and messages.

All major countries are covered well with Twilio and there are lots and lots of features available beyond the basic ones like recording calls, automated calls and interactive SMS.

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