7 Advantages to using a standing up desk when working as a developer

Are you spending all your work day sitting writing code? Is your back feeling stiff or causing you some pain? Maybe it’s time to consider getting one of those new hip standing desks? Here’s 7 reasons that might help convince you a standing desk is worth it. You can always try one out with just […]

How do you sit and code for so damn long all day, every day?

How do you sit and code for so damn long? I feel like my wrists are going to snap off and my back/neck is deforming. Your day goes something like this, as it does for a lot of people… Wake up… SIT in your car and drive to work Or SIT maybe stand on public […]

List of free pomodoro apps to improve your productivity as a web developer

Looking for a pomodoro app, to help keep you on task and productive? Below is a list of different options for different OS’s Windows Tomighty is free and open source. Mac http://www.tomighty.org/ is free and open source. Android Pomodroido is a simple Android app to help you concentrate and be productive. Clockwork Tomato has a […]

Do you have enough time for a custom e-commerce website to be developed?

Time, money and patience is required for custom software development. Custom software development can really hurt, so do your research before committing to it. Developing a customer e-commerce website can be very time consuming. Do you really need to try and “re-invent the wheel”? The development process can also be annoying and irritating. More so […]

When do you need to use back ticks with MySQL?

Back ticks are often misunderstood. I am trying to learn the best way to write queries. You might not be sure how to use those funny little `ticks `back ticks`, `backticks` I have used single quotes, double quotes and back ticks without any real thought. What is the standard for this? Back ticks should be […]

How to integrate a WordPress.com blog RSS feed into a PHP page

What comes first your wordpress blog or your website? You might have started with a free wordpress blog. Then later created a separate website or vice versa. Well whichever way round it is. You might have ended up with two disconnected websites. Now you want to reuse your wordpress.com blog content in your website. One […]

Why breaking time and tasks in to small blocks will increase your productivity as a web developer

I’m a chronic procrastinator – how do I break it? I could be changing the world, but instead I’m putting in the bare minimum and no matter what trick or method I try I can’t seem to beat it. Sound familiar?  You know what needs to be done, but put it off… I always have a […]

When to use USING in a JOIN rather than JOINing ON?

What is the difference between ON and USING() when JOINing two or more tables together in a SQL query? For example you have the following two tables, Users and Products, when a Product is created, the Users id that created it is stored. Products table: id Primary Key created_by_user_id Foreign Key to Users table product_name […]

Help for avoiding undefined index notices

If you are just starting out with PHP, you may come across this message: Notice: Undefined index: username in C:\wamp\www\mysite\index.php on line 99 Even if you’ve been coding for years you can still get this message! You may be confused as to what an “Undefined index” is? Often seen when trying to access global server variables […]

How do you deal with stress as a web developer?

Life can be stressful enough, work as a web developer has it’s own unique stresses from dealing with users who don’t know what they are doing, managers who don’t know what they are managing and technology that never stands still. At times and some days at multiple times in the day the stress can feel […]