How to protect your PHP source code as a freelancing web developer

How to protect your PHP source code?  You might be worried about giving away your secret sauce  or having it reverse engineered. Another good reason for wanting to protect your code is delivering the code to a clients server / hosting before final payment has been made for the development of the code. I have […]

Why you should keep a routine when working remotely as a freelancer

Transitioning to freelancing and working at home or at a remote location from your client can run riot over your life… I find myself working late, and then when I get in bed my brain is still active and I cannot sleep, so I end up going to bed at 1 or 2 in the […]

How to get paid, when you work remotely from your client as a Freelance Web Developer?

If you are working remotely from your client there is a good chance you are in a different country.  Payment providers charge fees and use favorable  (for them) exchange rates and banks love to charge fees whenever they can. There are a lot of options out there, a favorite for many is PayPal, but… “It […]

Why you should track your time for you and your clients

My client wanted proof that I worked the amount of hours that I said I did… What’s the best way to prove you worked for the amount of hours you said you did on what you were meant to be working on, on which day? You are taking the time to record your time? Right? […]

What is the minimum amount of time I should charge as a Freelance Web Developer?

Your clients are calling you, emailing you, sending in small requests… Can you change this? Can you change that? Sometimes the changes are so small, barely 5 minutes that you feel guilty for charging your “valuable” clients. Well you shouldn’t feel guilty! You are in business and you are selling your time and your clients are […]

Looking to hire a PHP developer, then test them out!

If you are looking to hire a PHP developer, then test them before an interview, in the interview, or if you are unsure about hiring a new freelance developer, test them with a small project first, minimize your time and risk and save yourself potential headaches in the future… You can get cheap shitty programmers […]

8 things to consider when hiring a Freelance PHP Programmer

When hiring a Freelance PHP programmer, you can easily be inundated with choices on sites like Elance / ODesk and Freelancer.  So if you need some help narrowing down the choices consider the following points: Price, do you really want the cheapest PHP programmer in the world?  What value will that give you? Consider paying […]

Increase your concentration and productivity by beating noise with more noise!

“Working from a public space involves dealing with noise levels that are for me, entirely counterproductive.” Getting distracted by noise while programming?  Suffering from not being able to concentrate whilst developing and being interrupted by annoying noises? “What about listening to a white noise app?” You can beat that annoying noise with white noise, get […]

New to PHP and need some help with errors?

Wondering what’s going on with your variables? Not seeing what you are expecting? If you are a newbie learning PHP, one of the most useful functions to know is var_dump(). It dumps the contents of a variable, so you can see it in your web browser, it’s simple to use for example: var_dump($my_variable); Then you […]

Still using the old MySQL driver? What you need to know about MySQLi…

Its time to upgrade from the PHP MySQL extension The PHP MySQL extension was deprecated in PHP 5.5.0! You should upgrade your code to use MySQLi at least, even better would be upgrading to PDO. This post about selecting data uses PDO and has the full source code available for you. But back to MySQLi […]