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Pros and cons for switching to MariaDB from MySQL?

What are the advantages of switching to MariaDB from MySQL?

And are there any disadvantages?

If you like me, you may have only just heard about MariaDB. I came across it as a new option when adding a database to RackSpace Cloud hosting environment. After a quick read up about MariaDB and seeing that it was MySQL compatible. I thought why not give it a shot for the website I was working on. The website was a demo site, so there weren’t any concerns about production stability. Rackspace Cloud Hosting provided PHPMyAdmin for accessing the MariaDB. Just like you would have with MySQL. Everything appeared to look the same and work the same setting up the database. Once set-up I immediately saw that MariaDB is definitely faster than MySQL.

So what are the pros and cons for switching to MariaDB from MySQL?

Pros of MariaDB vs MySQL

  1. MariaDB has better query performance.
  2. MariaDB has more of an open source attitude.
  3. Switching to MariaDB is easy.
  4. Galera implementation is better in MariaDB.
  5. MariaDB is available as an option with some hosting environments, like RackSpace Cloud.
  6. MariaDB comes by default with some distros, like the Red Hat series.

I took a big site from MySQL to MariaDB with zero issues.

Cons of MariaDB vs MySQL

  1. Switching back from MariaDB to MySQL may not be so easy.
  2. If you are using AWS, Amazon Aurora may be even faster than MariaDB and MySQL.
  3. Your Operating System may not support MariaDB yet.
  4. Your hosting environment may not support MariaDB yet.
  5. Percona may be an even better option than MariaDB.

As with all software there are new versions in development. Each release bringing better performance with it.

So if you are looking to switch from MySQL, make sure the benefits outweigh the risks.

Wikipedia made the switch in 2013 as outlined in this blog post

Rackspace is updating all it’s Cloud Sites from MySQL to MariaDB in 2016.

Useful knowledge base articles from Maria:

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