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How to get your new website showing in Google search results

You’ve bought your domain name

You’ve worked hard developing up your website.

You’ve launched it, tested it out in your browser.

Sent a link to friends, shared it on social media.

Then you went to Google…

… to search your new domain name and …

it didn’t show up?!?!

You are thinking how’s that possible?

Even when you are searching for the exact domain name!

So how to get your site listed?

Google provides a tool called “Google Search Console

If you haven’t used it before, you can just sign in with your Google account.

(And if you don’t have one of those by now, you will need to create one!)

Then follow these steps you get your site submitted
  1. Click on the red “ADD A PROPERTY” button (property being your website domain name in this case, but you can also add Android Apps here).
  2. Enter the URL of your website address and click the Add button
  3. This will you take you a page to verify to Google that you do indeed own the website
  4. The simplest recommended way to verify is downloading the HTML verification file
  5. Once downloaded you can upload the file to your site, via ftp for example
  6. Confirm it was successfully uploaded and click Verify
  7. Once verified you will be able to access the properties details
  8. Click on the “Crawl” menu
  9. Click on the “Fetch as Google” sub menu
  10. This will allow you to request Google to Fetch your site
  11. Once your site has been Fetched, a button will show up “Submit to index”
  12. Click that button and your site will submitted to the Google Search index!

Then it’s a waiting game, to see your new site listed in Google Search results.

Once your site has been listed, you will be able to see lots of helpful information in the Google Search Console.

There are other tools listed there for telling Google about Structured Data on your site, which I will post about soon!

If you found this helpful or have any questions for me, please leave a comment below.