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How to reduce physical stress when working as Web Developer?

If you are new to web development, sitting down all day might seem like a cushy easy job, and  it can be.  However as time and the years pass by, all that sitting will take it’s toll.  It’s easy to slouch, it’s easy to forget about your posture and easy to grab another sugary snack to keep you going in that mid-morning or mid-afternoon low point.  Whatever stage of your career you are at you should be mindful of all that time you are paid to sit on your chair in the office.

How to counter all that stagnant sedentary time sitting? The answer is real simple and just the opposite…. movement!

Make sure you take regular breaks from sitting still, at least every hour, if not more.  If don’t have a good chair, buy one or ask your manager or office about replacing your chair.  These days there also standing desks and variable height platforms, so you can adjust the height of your keyboard, mouse and monitor to suit your stature.  If you do have a standing desk you can add a special treadmill, so that you can slowly walk whilst working.

“I’ve been standing at my desk for 2 years now, and all lower back problems are now gone.”

Personally when I started working as a Web Developer in an office my back was strong and it was easy to slouch, over the years though it’s definitely weakened my back and caused me pains down my legs, but after seeing a specialist a second time I bought a variable height desk and every morning start the working day by standing up.

Taking regular breaks, moving around, walking to the washroom, walking outside, going up and down the stairs all helps by moving to combat all the years off sitting.  Often companies, managers and some colleagues all seem to think that more is more, the more you are working, the more will get done and that taking a break is not working while everyone else is.  For me the opposite is true, the more I sit the less productive I become, taking a break and moving about is refreshing both physically and mentally as well as helping to solve problems.  Less (continuous) work is definitely more (discontinuous) work.

So make sure you take a break for your body, your mind and your work!

How do you take yours? Please leave a comment below…