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How to remove “Powered by Shopify” from the footer of your website.

So you’ve launched your new site, everything looks good, but there in the footer is a little piece of text that makes is clear to your customers that you use Shopify.

Powered by Shopify

Not that it isn’t something to be proud of, Shopify is an awesome platform!

However to complete the customisation of your site you can remove that uneccessary text (and the link back to Shopify) if you so wish.

Let me show you how to remove it quickly, by following the steps below:

Steps to remove the “Powered by Shopify” text and link:

Log into your Shopify admin panel and then click on the “Online Store” link normally at the bottom of the left hand side navigation:

Then click on “Themes”.

Click on the “Actions” button to show the drop down menu then click on the “Edit Code” menu item.:

Scroll down and expand the “Sections” folder, within that you can click on the “footer.liquid” file to open it in the editor.

Once it’s loaded hit the Ctrl + F keys to bring up the search and enter:

{{ powered_by_link }}

and click to search.

That should find and highlight the message in the liquid code:

You can then highlight the whole line and delete the enclosing small tag:

Then click the button Save and you should see the confirmation message “Asset Saved” display briefly.

Now you can refresh your website in your browser and check the message has disappeared.

It’s a small bit of text, but helps your new site look more professional!

Any problems, please leave a comment below, I will get back to you

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Do you have enough time for a custom e-commerce website to be developed?

Time, money and patience is required for custom software development.

Custom software development can really hurt, so do your research before committing to it.

Developing a customer e-commerce website can be very time consuming. Do you really need to try and “re-invent the wheel”?

The development process can also be annoying and irritating. More so if you don’t understand the technical aspect. Even seemingly small visual changes can seem to take way more time than you think they should.

You might start thinking…

“Am I being ripped off by my website developer?”

If you haven’t yet embarked down this process, pause and consider your options:

  1. Pay to develop custom software to exactly meet your needs. Which could be a long frustrating expensive journey or
  2. Use an existing e-commerce service like Shopify. Where in a few hours you could have a professional looking site live and ready to take orders.

I’m a software developer. Through years of experience of being paid to develop custom software. I recommend you avoid all the potential pains associated with option 1. Take option 2, start accepting orders today!

Save yourself the pain, take the easy way of using software. That you can then customize (within certain boundaries) for yourself!

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