Freelance Productivity Tips

Why you should keep a routine when working remotely as a freelancer

Transitioning to freelancing and working at home or at a remote location from your client can run riot over your life…

I find myself working late, and then when I get in bed my brain is still active and I cannot sleep, so I end up going to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning, which has an impact on the next day…

Being home, can feel like, well being at home! Where you normally relax, spend time with family, eat and sleep. Working at home might be something new for you.

For me it can be tough getting into a working mindset in the morning and getting out of it in the evening.

Of course you don’t have to just work at home.  There’s always libraries, cafes, co-working spaces or you could even rent an office, just like other businesses do.

Whenever I am feeling the cabin fever of working from home, I hit the library.

There can be lots of distractions, so make sure you have a regular routine for yourself, to keep your productivity up and that way you know when you are at “work”.  Turn that daily routine into a habit so that it becomes second nature.

If you’ve transitioned from a regular office job to freelance position, try keeping the same 9-5 hours you had before.

What works for me these days is I go to bed early and start early, when the clock hits 5pm I’m done for the day.

Stick to your routine, plan your days out and remember to stop working and don’t let your work overrun its routine and affect family life and your sleep. Routine sounds routine, a little boring perhaps, but that’s how you get things done, sticking to the routine, doing the work, taking a break and doing more work day in and day out.